My Life Story

My blog is named The Life of Meghan. It’s literally named after my life. However, no where in my year-and-two-weeks on this website have I ever given my life story . My full, detailed, life story

here it goes.

I was born in the peak of the spring near Houston, Texas. I lived in a nice house and was born to a loving family. When I was still young, my family moved to the upper east coast, leaving behind my extended family .

Everything up to elementary school was a blur. I remember that my mom used to put bows in my hair, and that we had a white dog named Kelly. who died from kidney failure when I was about six. My parents were extremely distraught by this and since then, we haven’t owned another dog. 

When I was in elementary school, I had the same teacher and class for first grade and second grade. We called it looping. I was close friends with this girl, we will call her Maddie. My best friend, we will call her Kailee, lived a couple houses down. We were 300 meters from being attached at the hip… we were just never in the same class. I don’t remember a whole lot, but I do remember distinctly hating outdoor recess most of the time. My favorite was indoor recess. I loved to color and paint and draw and do arts and crafts of all kinds. I loved mermaids and fairies.. Maddie and I had quite possibly the largest imaginations.

Third grade came around and I might call it the most difficult year of elementary school. For starters, my teacher hated me. I’m not talking about a little bit of disliking, I’m talking about full on calling-me-stupid-infront-of-the-class. For years after that, I thought I wasn’t as mentally sharp as the other kids. (Also, at track and field day, I clearly remember her asking me “you won’t ever be a runner, huh sweetie?”). 

In addition to the teacher crisis, I didn’t have any friends in my class. I didn’t realize this until more recent years, but the later years of elementary school, I didn’t really fit in. 

Once third grade was over I moved on to fourth. Mr. B was the first teacher who ever really inspired me, or who meant a lot. He treated everyone as an adult even though we were nine year olds. Also, I had been lucky enough to be in the same class as Kailee & another one of my best friends. We will call her Sydney. Kailee lived a couple houses to the right of me and Sydney lived a block to the left of me. We all hung out together for months until it got too cold to play outside. After the bitter cold winter that kept us all inside wore off, things were different. I’m not sure what changed, but something definitely did. I would look out of the big windows in my living room and see Kailee and Sydney walking together all the time. Like, ALL the time. I was never really invited anywhere and at this point had grown apart from Maddie. I was friendless in fourth grade and something like that at an age so young can really hurt someone. On the last day of school we could sit wherever we wanted… I walked into the classroom and Kailee and Sydney were sitting in the same group . (chairs were arranged in groups of four). Naturally, I went and sat with them. At the time I had underestimated the extent of how third wheedled I was. The second I sat down, they got up and moved. I followed. They got up. They moved. They wouldn’t sit with me. I found myself sitting alone in a group on the last day of school, completely abandoned my Sydney and Kailee. Keep in mind Kailee’s family was best friends with my family, and for as long as I could remember, we were best friends too. 

(Note, to this day I have a healthy friendship with Kailee and Sydney… if I were to ask, neither of them would remember any of this.)

When I was in fifth grade, I was placed into a “cluster class”

This was the first time cluster classes were being used at my school. I thought it was the stupid class. However, this was technically the advanced class. I didn’t realize this for months into fifth grade, thats when I finally realized I wasn’t stupid. Towards the end of the year I tested into SI, which stands for special interest. I went through a rigorous (from a fifth graders perspective) process where I was being tested on IQ, learning style, and the way my brain worked. Fifth grade, in a nutshell, was the year I realized what I was capable of and that I wasn’t stupid. I gained a lot of confidence. 

The transition to middle school was, in my opinion, flat out fun. I started shopping at stores like Hollister and Abercrombie, and if you didn’t wear t-shirts from Aeropostale, you weren’t even cool. I met this girl, we’ll name her Laura. Laura and I took about two weeks to become best friends. She was in my SI class, and I had never met someone so similar to me. I had sat with Kailee and her friends for the first few weeks of school but soon decided to sit with Laura. Eventually, I ended up merging the two groups. I made a ton of new friends this year. I left sixth grade pleased with myself socially and grade wise. The summer that followed was amazing. I visited Texas for the first time in YEARS. My grandma got remarried to an artist. He was one of the most influential people in my life. He has a different way of thinking…. I’ve only seen him in person a few times but I love him as if he’s been in my life since day one.

Seventh grade came. 

Seventh grade was the worst year of my life.

Retelling this story, no order of words can really accurately explain how much pain I went through. And as I type this, I’m realizing it was kind of stupid too..

I don’t remember the worst of what happened. I just remember spending my friday nights crying in my room and feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. It started when my group of “friends” would do things every night… they would plan it in front of me at lunch and talk about the things they did in front of  Laura and I.. neither of us were invited. For a while it was okay because Laura and I would hang out. Then me dumped me as a friend.  One day she stopped talking to me. I went home that night and spent the first of many locked in my room crying. This was also the night I found out about my step- grandfather, the artist, had died. In the weeks that followed, things got worse.  I remember at lunch Laura had picked up my lunch box while I was getting a napkin and moved it to a different table. She didn’t want me to sit there. No one stood up for me. They turned on me. 

Looking back, this was just typical girl drama, but at the time, it felt like so much more.

During the winter in seventh grade I started feeling self conscious about myself, like every adolecense girl at some point. It started with thinking I wasn’t pretty, and that spiraled into things like “my thighs are too big”, and “my stomach isn’t flat”. I was underweight but I thought I was a whale. 

Eighth grade went by so fast, but it was one of the best years. I ran for student council. There were about 13 people running for the two open positions. I ended up winning one of the positions… I remember this one really popular girl that I beat flipping out at me. She was really mad and she still hates me to this day, but I think back and chuckle over that a little… In addition to being the art teacher, the student council supervisor is by far the most influential teacher I’ve ever had in my life. She was about thirty and she was so fashionable and she had a really cute baby named Fisher. She told me multiple times about how much I reminded her of herself when she was my age, and we bonded over a lot of little quirks like the burden of being a perfectionist. I made a ton of new friends as well that year. Student council was a huge part of my life. I contributed a ton to the dances, socials, and all the school events. I was amazed at the touch I was able to put on the middle school. At the end of the year, I was awarded the art award and service club award.

Also, I tried out for the volleyball team that year. I had practiced for months. When I missed the cut by one person, I decided volleyball wasn’t for me. I still think about how a single messed up spike kept me off of the team. 

Not making the volleyball team was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

I took up track. I met this girl, we will call her Sky. She looked cool and she went to the other middle school. (Our district had a joint team). Slowly I became friends with her. I tried out distance. To this day I’m still confused as to what compelled me to try distance. I couldn’t run a freaking mile without stopping. I was the second to last girl to finish the time trial mile. By the time meets came around, I was in the middle of the pack. I ended the season almost at the front. At the last home meet I remember how excited I was when I was the second girl from my team in the 800.

On another note, Sky and I grew a lot over the track season. We went to different schools and we had only known each other for a couple weeks, but I considered her one of my best friends. 

I changed more over the summer going into ninth grade than I have anywhere else in my life. First off, I grew a LOT. Second of all, Sky became my best friend. 

And cross country came into my life. It was one of those things that I never thought I would be able to do. Running 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers at once was too much to even think about running. 

Sky and I both did xc. 

The beginning was rough. I’m talking about sandpaper cheese grater rough. 

Thanks to our amazing coach, we improved drastically. Sky and I started the season gasping for air right next to eachotherat the back of the pack to standing right next to each other on the awards podium getting a medal at our last meet. 

Throughout that struggle, Sky and I bonded in a different way than I’ve ever bonded with anyone else. We look the same… (We’ve been called twins countless times in public), dress the same, act the same, etc… To this day Skyler is like a sister to me. I’ve never been closer to anyone in my life and she’s told me the same things. She’s one of those people who go into your life when you need them the most. I never want to lose her. (Fun fact- I haven’t gone two days without seeing her all summer)

Ninth grade was just a fun year, I have no idea how else to put it. Track and cross country were amazing experiences and I can’t wait to continue growing as a runner. The dances get more fun every time. I started the year off quiet and shy but now I love meeting new people and making new friends. I ran my first 10k and placed 33rd in my age group out of a total of 2500 runners. I’ve gone through a lot of small struggles this year but the good stories outweigh the bad ones. 

I’ve never been happier than I am right now.

That’s where my story ends, for now. It’s a work in progress. But that, my friends, is the story of my life. 


Every possible running route around your school has a name that only your team understands

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I always lose it at Cota Rica. 


United States, Canada,
Mexico, Panama,
Haiti, Jamaica, Peru;
Republic Dominican,
Cuba, Carribean,
Greenland, El Salvador too.
Puerto Rico, Columbia,
Honduras, Guyana, and still;
Guatemala, Bolivia,
then Argentina,
and Ecuador, Chile, Brazil.
Costa Rica, Belize,
Nicaragua, Bermuda,
Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan;
Paraguay, Uruguay,
Suriname, and
French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam.
Norway, and Sweden,
and Iceland, and Finland,
and Germany now one piece;
Switzerland, Austria,
Italy, Turkey, and Greece.
Poland, Romania,
Scotland, Albania,
Ireland, Russia, Oman;
Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia,
Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran.
There’s Syria, Lebanon,
Israel, Jordan,
both Yemens, Kuwait, and Bahrain,
the Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Belgium, and Portugal,
France, England, Denmark, and Spain.
India, Pakistan,
Burma, Afghanistan,
Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan;
Kampuchea, Malaysia,
then Bangladesh, Asia,
and China, Korea, Japan.
Mongolia, Laos,
and Tibet, Indonesia,
the Philippine Islands, Taiwan;
Sri Lanka, New Guinea,
Sumatra, New Zealand,
then Borneo, and Vietnam.
Tunisia, Morocco,
Uganda, Angola,
Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana;
Mozambique, Zambia,
Swaziland, Gambia,
Guinea, Algeria, Ghana.
Burundi, Lesotho,
and Malawi, Togo,
The Spanish Sahara is gone;
Niger, Nigeria,
Chad, and Liberia,
Egypt, Benin, and Gabon.
Tanzania, Somalia,
Kenya, and Mali,
Sierra Leone, and Algier;
Dahomey, Namibia,
Senegal, Libya,
Cameroon, Congo, Zaire.
Ethiopia, Guinea_
Bissau, Madagascar,
Rwanda, Mahore[?], and Cayman;
Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi,
Qatar, Yugoslavia,
Crete, Mauritania,
then Transylvania,
Monaco, Liechtenstein,
Malta, and Palestine,
Fiji, Australia, Sudan!

Omg thank u

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The Life Story Project Promo

Hey guys! It’s meghan & I just wanted to tell you about a new blog I made called The Life Story Project

I’m fascinated with the concept of reading in depth stories about everyones life & I would love if you posted your own life story using the hashtag #lifestoryproject so I can reblog it.

My goal is for the blog one day is to be a constantly growing collection of people’s life stories.

you can check it out at

What do you say?

Most runners on tumblr:
Defending three times state champion , national qualifier

Freshman JV conference runner up to the runner up to the runner up of the champion


Because when I was 13 years old, I was sent home for my tank top straps being a little too thin, but a boy could wear a Cool Story babe, Go Make Me A Sandwich shirt and not be looked at twice.

Because when I was 17 and I told a guy “No” and the next day the word tease was painted on my locker.

Because when I was 18 and just wanted to be friends, I was a bitch.

Because I feel the need to say “I have a boyfriend” instead of “No” because guys respect other men more than they would ever respect me.

Because society screams “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape”

Because I am scared to walk alone at 10 PM

Because being beautiful is the most important thing I’ll ever do.

Because when I wear my favorite skirt “I’m asking for it”

Because the song Blurred Lines exists

Because no means no no matter how you fucking spin it

Because a girl was drugged and raped with a beer bottle, and the boys who did it are out on bail.

Because I owe you nothing

Because pepper spray is a gift I receive yearly.

Because I am asked if I have a boyfriend more than I am asked about my mental health

Because my clothes say more about my consent then my mouth does.

Because the wage gap exists

Because “not all men are like that” is said way too often


Because I feel the need to say “I’m not a feminist but…”

Because I’m writing this fucking piece


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a thought






When aliens in galaxies 70 million light years away look through a telescope at Earth, they see dinosaurs.  


Is that why there has been no alien contact? Because as far as aliens are concerned, there is legitimately no intelligent life on earth?

shit son there still isn’t intelligent life on earth

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Original Video: How to Make Rainbow Cheesecake

Reblogging for future reference.

I made a rainbow cake for my first college party. I covered it in black frosting and dusted it with white sprinkles so it would be very dramatic when it was cut into. The cake was thrown onto a table with a bunch of other desserts and kind of forgotten about; the host had taken it from me with a look of ‘I can’t believe this idiot freshman made a fucking black cake.’

Cue two hours later when someone cut into it and screamed, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, COME AND SEE THIS CAKE.”

After that, I had more friends than I knew what to do with.

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That awkward moment when my coach is hinting at “making our relationship closer” since I graduated..

My coach is elderly





I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

my brother

R.i.p gavin

Praying for K.M.





I don’t care who the fuck you are, or what you’re doing. You can take 3 seconds to reblog this.

I miss you..

That last comment broke my heart..

my brother

R.i.p gavin

Praying for K.M.

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This was moments after my first invite ever for cross country. There’s no pain like this pain.

This was moments after my first invite ever for cross country. There’s no pain like this pain.

Aka my second home

Aka my second home

because the hardest part is putting on your shoes

because the hardest part is putting on your shoes

New babies

New babies

My friend offered me a hot brownie at lunch today..

My friend offered me a hot brownie at lunch today..